Leader: John Held

Overcoming Fear – Public Speaking. [EN]

Write a few words about yourself:

I met Jesus when I was 16. One thing I never wanted to do was teach–so when I came to Poland in 1988, I started teaching English. It wasn’t so bad…as long as I didn’t have to teach children. Yet in 1996 I became a Sunday School teacher and eventually a trainer of Sunday School teachers. But the one thing I would never, ever do is teach communication (which both my parents did). And that is why in 2009, I became a co-founder of a training company that teaches people…how to communicate. How can I help you communicate better…?

Why did you choose such a topic?

Because people struggle with public speaking, but many would like to be better. I specialize in helping people in this area, so I thought I would try to help.

Estimated day and time of the meeting: 

Tuesdays, 18:00-19:00 (or 19:30).

Frequency of meetings:

Once every 2 weeks.

General plan of the meeting:

Short devotional (5-10 minutes), then skills development in public speaking.